Mezzanines are elevated platforms supported by vertical supports that add square footage to your existing warehouse by creating a second floor in a portion of your warehouse space. Mezzanines make use of the air space above the floor and is a much more cost effective way to add space compared to building or leasing additional warehouse space.
There are several types of mezzanine structures:

  • Free standing mezzanines which are supported by vertical support columns. These columns are anchored to the slab and are not connected to the building or other structures within the building.
  • Rack supported mezzanines are a system of catwalks at one or more levels that are supported by rack or shelving. These systems consists of:
    • selecting aisles that enable personnel to select and stock goods by hand at each catwalk level
    • Main aisles to move pallets of goods with a pallet jack or cart to selecting aisles
    • Loading area with gate access that allow pallets of goods to be lifted to each level
  • Overlay mezzanines are platforms of wood, bar grating, or steel plate that are supported by rack or shelving units on the floor. This creates a second floor for bulk storage, small parts storage, or office space while maintaining the rack or shelving system at the floor level

There are a variety of uses for the additional space created by a mezzanine structure:

  • Storage, either in bulk or in rack or shelving
  • Office space created by adding modular buildings on top or under the mezzanine
  • Equipment platforms for production or HAVC
  • Production space
  • Conveyor systems
  • Viewing platforms

Mezzanines By Design will work with you to decide if a mezzanine is the best solution for your additional space requirements, and if so, what is the best mezzanine type. We design, manufacture, and install all types of mezzanine structures in all 50 states.