Rack supported mezzanines are a practical alternative to free standing structural mezzanines depending onthe application. Mezzanines By Design will analyze your requirement and advise whether this type of mezzanine is right for you. Mezzanines By Design is an AISC certified fabricator that specializes in Rack Supported Mezzanines, structural steel mezzanines and custom fabricated steel products. For over 25 years, Mezzanines By Design has been designing, engineering, consulting & installing record storage mezzanines and systems. Record storage mezzanines are also referred to as rack or shelving supported mezzanines or systems. The philosophy behind a rack or shelving supported mezzanine is the pallet racking, bulk storage rack or metal shelving is what supports the mezzanine system. Once the mezzanine system is in place, the stairways and landings are installed, the catwalks or walkways are installed allowing personnelto gain access the second or sometimes third or fourth level. This type of mezzanine system is used primarily for record storage, bin storage, picking operations, and automotive parts storage. Mezzanines By Design has an engineer ready to assist you with the perfect system custom designedspecifically for you.