A structural steel mezzanine does a lot more than maximize your square footage. In fact, it helps maximize your employees’ productivity levels and even provides you with more privacy for meetings. Also, mezzanines offer viewing platforms, which allows you to keep track of employees without having to constantly go down to the floor. If you haven’t considered adding steel mezzanines to your warehouse, here are four reasons you should.

They Allow You Extra Space

As your business grows, so will your warehouse. Unfortunately, that leaves little room for storage and/or your offices. A structural steel mezzanine helps expand your usable square footage without construction. You can move your offices and other administrative areas off the warehouse floor too — freeing up space and giving your office staff a little more privacy.

You Can Add an Observation Platform

If you want to keep an eye on what your warehouse workers are up to, you can add an observation platform to your mezzanine. This allows you to look down over your warehouse without getting in the way of production.

Industrial-Grade Stairs are Used

The stairs for steel mezzanines are sturdy can meant for industrial use. If you choose to use your mezzanine for storage or operations, the stairs will be able to handle the excess foot traffic and load.

They’re Safe

Steel mezzanines, as long as they are designed and installed properly, meet all OSHA standards and are safe to use. You will want to make sure you get your mezzanine from a company that follows all workplace safety regulations. MezzaninesByDesign.com only designs steel structural mezzanines that meet and/or exceed OSHA and other safety standards.

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