Mezzanines are solid investments. They are economical ways to create productive space, storage areas, etc. To create a mezzanine system, the engineering and construction process is rather straightforward, and much faster than convention add-ons. But, if you have never ordered a mezzanine before, you may have questions. At Mezzanines by Design, we strive to make the process easier, from ordering our prefabricated mezzanines to custom designs. If you ever have questions about mezzanines, give our experts a call — and to help get you started, we’re offering five essential things to know about these systems before you order.


  1. What’s the Purpose of a Mezzanine? They add space, increase the capacity of your showroom, and can create quick and simple storage for your warehouse. Your current building can be retrofitted with a mezzanine system and once your lease is up, the mezzanine systems are taken down.


  1. They Are Constructed Quickly – Compared to full-scale construction, mezzanine systems are designed and installed relatively quickly. In fact, some systems can be engineered and installed within just a few short weeks.


  1. They Can Be Customized – While prefabricated mezzanines make the process faster, not every space can be accommodated by a prefabricated design. Instead, a custom fabrication is required. These systems are designed exclusively for your space to maximize the square footage and safety of the area.


  1. You Can Install Them Yourself – If you are the DIY type, structural mezzanine systems can be delivered to your building and you can install them. You will be provided with the full assembly drawings and you will have access to 24/7 support in case you hit a snag.


  1. There’s Plenty of Options – Mezzanines can be designed with additional features to make the space highly functional for your company. From picking a specific color to adding stairs to picking what gate enclosure you would like; there is no limit to what you can do to your mezzanine.


If you are interested in a mezzanine system for your property or you would like to learn more about mezzanines, contact the professionals at Mezzanines by Design today by dialing 800-881-6750.