From vats full of rich, creamy chocolate to mills of sugar, a candy-making warehouse needs a lot of space. The cost of moving such expensive equipment and setting it up again in a different facility can take its toll – not to mention the lost production time while the factory closes down to move all of their equipment.

But, there is a cheaper, easier alternative to relocating your candy factory: a mezzanine.

Why a Mezzanine?

A mezzanine provides your factory with a second level – without constructing on top of your factory. You can use your mezzanine level for offices, which can free up more warehouse space for storage or production. You can also use mezzanines to store completed chocolates, items ready to ship, employee break rooms or just use it for material storage.

Don’t Forget the Catwalk Mezzanine

A catwalk mezzanine connects one mezzanine to another via a catwalk. But, this also offers another bonus benefit: you can use the catwalk to observe candy making, repair or maintain machines or even do quality assurance testing on products stored in tall vats.

Contact Mezzanines by Design for a Sweet Catwalk Mezzanine

If your candy factory is running out of space, don’t think of moving out; instead, move up. Mezzanines by Design can create a customized catwalk mezzanine system that lets you gain extra storage space, maintain production and not have to worry about relocating your facility.