When you think of a steel mezzanine, you think of an industrial space or large distribution warehouse, but what about your fitness center? A fitness center needs to maximize its square footage just as much as a warehouse – if not more. After all, the more space you have for fitness equipment, the more memberships you can add to your company.

A steel mezzanine is the perfect addition to any fitness center – and the benefits are plentiful.

Create a Classroom

Gyms get a lot of revenue from monthly memberships, but they increase their potential when they offer classes. To create a class, you have to sacrifice room for your gym equipment. But, with a steel mezzanine, you create a second floor that you can devote just to classroom activities – so that gym equipment is not reduced.

Create a Consultation and Office Area

Move your offices off the main floor and take them up a level with a mezzanine. This also allows potential signups to view the gym from above and also allows management to keep an eye on activities below.

Storage and Stores

Do you sell items at your gym? You can store the items you sell on your mezzanine level and even create a store or juice bar on the second level for your gym members.

A mezzanine can be just what your fitness center needs to expand. The team at Mezzanines by Design can create an attractive mezzanine that suits your gym brand and doesn’t take away from your interior design. Call us today to learn more or to get an estimate for your new mezzanine.