Maintenance platforms are structural steel units that can help you perform routine maintenance in your warehouse or distribution center. Most buildings do not take advantage of these maintenance platforms – often because they do not understand their value.

Why Use a Maintenance Platform?

Maintenance platforms allow your employees to create a space above machinery or equipment, which allows them to access it for maintenance, repairs or even replacements. This eliminates the need (and risks) of large ladders or cranes inside the warehouse. Also, a maintenance platform can be used to allow customers to see the operations from above – and keep them out of the production area.

Ordering a maintenance platform is easy – and you can receive one that is customized to your facility. The team at Mezzanines By Design can help you find the right platform for your facility. If you need something customized, our engineering team will work with you to ensure we meet your exact specifications. AS an AISC certified fabricator, we can safely and effectively create the maintenance platform your facility needs to reduce clutter and possibly even increase your warehouse storage space. You can use our maintenance platforms with catwalk systems as well as an existing mezzanine to optimize your space even further.