Custom mezzanines allow you to increase your warehouse or showroom space without using traditional construction methods. When you order a custom design from Mezzanines by Design, you get something that is built-to-suit and still can be transferred to your next location. Whether you already have a mezzanine or you’re in the market, there are plenty of reasons to consider a custom one from Mezzanines by Design.

Multiple Flooring Options

We offer a variety of flooring options that allow you to customize your space. Each floor is designed to a specific use and weight – and you can choose the right flooring based on your need. Choose from bar grating, laminated plywood or even corrugated steel decking.


We customize access to your mezzanine and can fit your staircase around your warehouse. Choose from the straight run (with or without a mid-landing), the U-shaped stairwell and more. If you have a custom design issue, our engineers can create an OSHA-approved staircase that will get around those odd corners.

Gates for Every Need

You need a gate on your mezzanine. We offer safety gates for extra precaution, swing gates for quick forklift use and slide gates.


Some companies limit your color choices, but the custom mezzanines by Mezzanines by Design come in a variety of colors. We want your mezzanine to suit your space – whether that means going with bright red, blue or even yellow.

If you are ready to order a custom mezzanine, speak to one of our engineers today. We have a variety of options that ensure your mezzanine is truly built to suit your needs.