Mezzanine platforms help increase your warehouse’s usable square footage. That floor space can also help keep your operation in its existing space – saving you the hassle of moving to a bigger warehouse. When warehouses switch to mezzanine platforms, safety processes often go out the window – and ignoring safety protocols could lead to a very serious fall injury.

No matter how tall your platform is, it is imperative you take measures to prevent any falls.

Mezzanine Platforms: Are They Safe?

Mezzanines are safe, but how they are designed, installed and used will ultimately determine their true safety. If they do not have a hand rail or some form of guard rail, an employee could easily fall off. Also, inadequate railings are often the cause of mezzanine falls. For example, if a rail is only rated for a max load of 200 pounds, it could crumble and force an employee to fall over the edge if they weigh over that.

Loading areas are also a cause for concern. They need to have complex safety gates rather than simple swing gates – this will prevent anyone from accidentally falling off or being pulled by the gate off the platform.

Color Makes a Difference

You may assume that your workers know there is a hefty drop off the edge of the platform, but while working, an employee can lose their depth perception. Keep rails and edges of the mezzanine clearly marked with bright-colored paints – such as neon yellow, orange or red. This highlighted color reminds the employee they are close to the edge.

Contact an Expert

Whether you already have a mezzanine you need to improve or you’re thinking about constructing one, the company you use can ultimately determine how safe your mezzanine platform is. The team at Mezzanines by Design is familiar with OSHA and other safety code regulations – and each of our platforms are made to exceed those safety standards. Call us today to learn more or to get started on your custom mezzanine.