If you are ordering a custom maintenance catwalk and mezzanine, you will get to choose from painting and powder coating. While the price tag on powder coating is more, do not skip over this option just because of the price. As with any investment, powder coating carries some unique benefits that will help you save money over time.

Why Powder Coating is the Best

Powder coating is a more advanced technique for applying decorative and protective finishes to steel surfaces. The powder consists of fine-ground particles of resin and pigment. Then, these particles are electrostatically sprayed onto the surface of the mezzanine or maintenance catwalk. Because the particles are charged, they adhere to the surface and leave a smooth finish. In the end you will have a finish that is uniform, high quality and attractive.

Powder Coating is Durable

Powder coating is used in industrial and business industries because of its durability and dependability. It can adhere to any type of metal surface and it is resistant to:

  • Scratches
  • Chips
  • Fading
  • Wearing

A powder coated finish doesn’t have to be matte either – you can get it in semi-gloss as well as high-gloss to achieve the finished product look you want.

It’s Cost-Effective

When you consider the time and longevity of powder coating to traditional paint, the product pays for itself. Powder coating saves you more money over time, and requires less touch up than paint.

Contact Mezzanines by Design to Learn More about Powder Coating

If you are designing a mezzanine and maintenance catwalk, contact the professionals at Mezzanines by Design to learn more about powder coating. We will discuss the process, price and benefits so you can pick the right coating for your new warehouse addition.