For most facilities, ordering off the shelf just makes sense. They get what they need right away and they do not have to go through the process of custom fabrication. But, there are times when your facility will not be able to accommodate prefabricated mezzanines. It is best to speak to the team at Mezzanines By Design if you think your facility needs something custom. If you are not sure whether or not off the shelf is right for you, here are some signs you may need a custom job:

  1. Your facility has support beams and poles in the way. This is common in plenty of warehouses throughout the country. You may need a mezzanine that can be constructed and designed around those support beams – and most prefabricated mezzanines do not have that capacity.
  2. You have a small or extremely large space to work with. If your space is exceptionally small or large, you may find there is not a prefabricated mezzanine out there to fully fill up your space. A custom unit can be designed around your open space – and built-to-suit.
  3. You want a specific stair style or shape. Sometimes warehouses want a specific shape, such as a large U or L-shaped mezzanine. In these cases, you may want something that is custom fabricated instead of prefabricated.

Mezzanines By Design offers prefabricated mezzanines as well as custom fabrication. As an AISC certified fabricator, we can help you design the right mezzanine to suit your space regardless of your specifications. Call now for a free estimate.