Not all mezzanine manufacturers are created equal. To choose one, you need to research them, check out their experience and see what their engineering expertise is before you actually hire. Custom mezzanine companies handle every aspect of your project – from design to installation to on-site details. Therefore, you need to pick a company that you will trust to do the job right.

Check Their Experience with Turn Key Solutions

Some mezzanine manufacturers offer turnkey solutions, but that does not necessarily mean they have extensive knowledge in doing it. See how many mezzanines they have actually installed, the average size of those structures, and what types of companies in a similar industry they have serviced.

Design, Fabrication and Installation

To make your life easier, you want a turnkey provider that really is turn-key. That means doing everything from inspections to design to fabrication and installation.

A Few Other Key Items

While you are looking through the list of manufacturers to choose from, some things to look out for include:

  • Expertise
  • Customer List
  • Variety of sizes and installations performed in the past
  • Professional associations and affiliations
  • Licensed, professional engineers they employ
  • Materials meet all AISC and ASTM specifications
  • Warranties

If you are looking for a quality mezzanine manufacturer, contact the team at Mezzanines by Design today. We have the best engineers in the business and our reputation speaks for itself. Call for a consultation today.