To support your business and meet the demands of your clients you need your warehouse or distribution center to operate as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, limited warehouse space can severely dampen the efficiency of your distribution center – and could even limit how much capacity you have.

Use Multi-Level Mezzanine Platforms for Extra Storage

To make room for additional merchandise, parts, or even pallets, you need more space. But, creating more space does not mean that you need to build out; instead, you just need to build up. Mezzanine platforms create vertical storage, and when you use multiple platforms in a single warehouse, you can double or triple your storage capacity.

Create everything from a two-level to three-level mezzanine storage system to accommodate your company’s growing needs. Mezzanines will not obstruct the business below – and they can be customized so that large pillars are not in the way of forklifts or employee traffic.

Why Mezzanine Platforms?

Mezzanines offer a variety of benefits, but when you use them to expand your space, you reduce construction costs and expedite the efficiency of your organization within just a few shorts weeks – as opposed to a few months.

Mezzanines by Design can help you triple your storage capacity with our mezzanine platforms. Our engineers will assess your space and help you design the right mezzanine based on your need. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all storage solution; and as a custom fabrication supplier, we can truly create something that is just for you.