Free standing mezzanines, also referred to as work platforms, are steel structures that are used in a variety of industrial and warehouse applications. These wide-span mezzanine systems are an economical option that allows you to expand your current square footage without extensive construction costs. A free standing mezzanine relies on its own support system and is highly flexible to the buyer.

Free standing systems do not require you to expand your business into another building or even construct another wing. Instead, it utilizes the headspace of your current warehouse or industrial office and adds a second story that can be utilized for storage, offices and even clean rooms. The unit has columns that rest on your existing concrete slab and each column is secured to that slab using a baseplate — to ensure it does not move.

Flexibility is the number one reason companies use free standing mezzanines. They are customized to fit your warehouse or industrial space and can be adjusted to fit height, building code and even usage requirements. They are so flexible that they can also adapt to your business as your needs change.

Benefits of Free Standing Mezzanines

  • Designed to add additional square footage without expanding physically
  • Offers a high load capacity for storage and office space
  • Easily can relocate with your company into a new building or facility
  • Accommodates your current needs and can adapt to the future
  • Costs significantly less than traditional construction
  • Can be used for tax purposes as capital equipment — and can be deprecated
  • Is constructed in less time than other expansion methods

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