As you design your warehouse, you need to decide where you will store your items. Depending on the items your warehouse stores, you may only need pallet racks or perhaps a structural mezzanine. But, if you carry a multitude of products, you most likely need to combine different storage methods and then separate each storage area by zone. Not all products can be stored the same – whether it is because of temperature, exposure or safety. So, before you finalize your plans for the building, make sure you know the different type of storage zones.

Zones for a Warehouse

  • Refrigerated – This is a zone where you will store materials that cannot be stored at ambient (room temperature) temperature. This can include certain chemicals or food items. A refrigerated zones should be kept at no higher than 50 degrees Fahrenheit and no lower than 38 degrees Fahrenheit (to prevent freezing).
  • Dry – A dry storage zone is very common for a warehouse and it prevents delicate materials from coming into contact with any moisture. The temperatures range from 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in these zones and the humidity levels are closely monitored.
  • Flammable – Chemicals and other flammable materials need to be stored away from any flame or heat sources. Depending on the type of chemical, you may have to split up your flammable storage. It is best to refer to the Material Data sheet to see how you must store each chemical.
  • Corrosive Items – Highly corrosive items, such as acids, should never be stored near other products. Instead, they need to be in protective cabinets.
  • Oversized Items – Oversized items include pallets and other large storage items that can be stored for longer periods – and are easily accessible by forklift.
  • Security Items – If you have items of high value, store them in a security cage. You can use structural mezzanines to separate non-secured items from secured items too; ensuring only authorized personnel has access to these expensive or high-value items.

Mezzanines by Design offers structural mezzanines that can suit any type of zone storage. While you are designing your warehouse, don’t forget to contact an engineer at Mezzanines by Design to see how we can optimize your space and make it more efficient.