Mezzanines By Design can fabricate a conveyor platform either to support an elevated conveyor system or as maintenance access platform for an elevated system. Conveyor systems are elevated above the warehouse or production floor in order to save floor space, accommodate a multi-level conveyor system, or match up with production equipment. Mezzanines By Design can provide the following services in working with you to provide a custom Conveyor Platform:

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Installation

Mezzanine Conveyor Platforms With 3D Modeling Software

Elevated Custom Mezzanine Conveyor PlatformsThe design phase involves our knowledgeable and experienced engineering staff working with you and your engineers to first determine what your exact requirements are. We will then provide an initial design that can be discussed and modified as necessary. We employ the latest 3D modeling software so that we can integrate the Conveyor Platform with you conveyor equipment. When we agree upon a final design, we will present a “turn-key” proposal and 3D rendering for the proposed system.
In the manufacturing phase we will use the latest fabrication software to insure that the conveyor platform is fabricated with the proper steel components that necessary to conform to the engineering specifications. The platform will then be fabricated in our AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) certified facility. This certification, which involves annual audits and recertification, assures you that called for steel (traceable back to the steel mill) is used and the welding is done by welders that are certified in the type and thickness steel being used. The certified manufacturing process also involves in-process and finished goods quality control inspections to certain that the components shipped are error free. When the manufacturing is complete, the components are cleaned and powder coated at our facility and shipped to your location anywhere in the U.S.
We will provide detailed installation drawings that can be used by you or by one of our experienced installation crews to install your conveyor platform to the engineered specifications.
When you have a requirement for a conveyor platform, Mezzanine By Design brings to the table:

  • An experienced and knowledgeable engineering staff
  • The latest structural steel design and fabrication software
  • 3D modeling to integrate the platform with your equipment
  • An AISC certified fabrication facility
  • In-house powder coating
  • Expert Installation crews

Free Estimate For Mezzanine Conveyor Platforms

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