Mezzanines By Design provides mezzanines for warehousing applications. These systems typically need to handle a great deal of weight as well as high foot traffic, meaning only the most heavy-duty designs will suffice. Our team provides you with the experience and quality design and construction you need for your warehouse put our name on.

MBD can provide you with the custom heavy-duty solution you need to maximize the space in your warehouse. To learn more, contact us today.

Advantages of Warehouse Mezzanines

One of the common challenges warehouse managers face is space utilization, especially when it comes to replenishment of items. Storing everything on the floor is generally not an option—you need to be more efficient with the space you have.

Mezzanines can add additional space to your warehouse without having to expand to an additional facility. By essentially expanding upward within the space you already have, you reduce costs and maximize your ability to replenish and move large volumes of product.

Common Applications of Warehouse Mezzanines

Warehouse mezzanines can create extra storage space for product—a must in the industry—as well as serve a variety of other purposes, including:

  • Storage for tool cribs, manufacturing equipment, etc.
  • Support conveyor and packaging systems
  • Work platforms and walkways to facilitate easy navigation of the warehouse
  • Office space
  • Break rooms
  • File storage

In any of these cases, your mezzanine will need to permit and withstand frequent access, with plenty of foot traffic every day. Stairs, handrails, gates, and other custom components can be added on to match its intended uses. Structural steel mezzanine systems with footings can stand strong under the heavy weight of equipment and storage used in warehouse applications.

In addition, Mezzanines By Design can build your mezzanine as either a freestanding, column-supported structure or incorporate it into the existing storage systems in use at your facility.