Maintenance platform fabricated by Mezzanines By Design (MBD) is fabricated from structural steel, aluminum, and fiberglass or stainless depending on the application.  Our engineering team can accommodate any size platform that is required and will fabricate to your specification or ours.
Maintenance platforms are typically used for routine maintenance, roof access and repair work on machinery or equipment.  Maintenance platforms are also used to create space by elevating machinery or equipment allowing customers to utilize the new space below for operations or storage.  Access to the maintenance platform is usually with a ships ladder, caged ladder or standard staircase.  If a catwalk is required to access the platform, MBD can incorporate the catwalk into your platform.
Mezzanines By Design can design and engineer your maintenance platform to support light weight loads, very heavy loads, and point loading.  Cut-outs in the floor are often required and can be accommodated.  Unusual heights and wide spans can also be accommodated.  Our engineering team will work with you to ensure your platform is exactly the way you want it.
As an AISC certified fabricator and with over 20+ years of experience customers can be confident that their maintenance platform, catwalk or mezzanine will be exactly the way they want it.  Mezzanines By Design offers installation services for all the 50 states and in some foreign countries, we provide engineered stamped drawings for all 50 states and in some foreign countries, and we provide 24/7 Customer service. 
Please call one of our experienced salespeople to discuss your project.  We offer outstanding customer service and our experience is second to none and we appreciate our customer’s and understand your needs is priority.  Our team is dedicated and from the moment you contact us you will know your project is in good hands.  Our phone number is 800-881-6750 and our e-mail is  We look forward to hearing from you!