Mezzanines By Design specializes in providing custom mezzanines to customers throughout the United States. We work with architects, general contractors, and end users to design, fabricate, and install custom mezzanines for specific applications.
What is a custom mezzanine?
A custom mezzanine is a mezzanine designed for a specific space and use.
When do you need a custom mezzanine?
You need a custom mezzanine when you want the mezzanine to fit into your space rather than buying a pre-fabricated mezzanine of a certain offered size and finding a place in your warehouse for the mezzanine to fit. For example:

  • You need a mezzanine that is shaped other than a square or rectangle.
  • You want to maximize the space you have available for a second level.
  • You need an extra tall or short mezzanine
  • You need an elevated platform integrated with storage racking or production equipment

Custom Mezzanines 3d Model Designing

Custom Mezzanines Platform Designing


What is the process for getting a quote on a custom mezzanine?

  • You call or e-mail Mezzanines By Design with your requirements. You can send an auto-cad drawing or a sketch on the back of a napkin.
  • We will start a dialog with you and an engineer who will be assigned to your project. On your first call, you will be talking to an experienced and knowledgeable engineer, and not an inside salesperson filling out a standard form.
  • Based on our discussions, we will provide an initial proposal and 3D renderings of the proposed mezzanine.
  • We will continue with as many discussions as necessary in order to make any modifications to the initial proposal until we have designed the mezzanine that is the unique solution to your unique requirements.

Does a custom mezzanine costs more than a standard or pre-fabricated mezzanine?
No. Your cost is based only on the cost of steel and the labor cost to fabricate. All engineering is provided at no additional cost as our way of earning your initial order and future business.
Why should you contact Mezzanines by Design for your Custom Mezzanine requirement?

  • We have experienced and knowledgeable engineers to work with you starting with you first phone call.
  •  We know that we have to earn your business and will do everything in our power to do so.
  • We provide a “turn-key” service: Design, Fabrication, and Installation.

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