Industrial Mezzanine SystemsIndustrial Mezzanine Systems are platforms used in warehouse and production facilities to take advantage of the overhead space by utilizing the platform space as well as the floor space below to essentially double the usable space in an area. The first step in the manufacturing of a industrial mezzanine system is to design the structure based on the unique requirements of the customer. In this design phase, a variety of factors are taken into consideration.

Industrial Mezzanine Designs

  • What is the purpose of the mezzanine system? Mezzanines and platforms can be used for:
    • Storage
    • Office space
    • Production space
    • Equipment
    • Maintenance of production or conveying systems
    • Catwalks
    • Viewing platforms
  • Where is the Industrial Mezzanine System being installed? Factors that need to be considered are:
    • Existing building columns
    • Obstructions on the walls
    • Slab thickness
    • Traffic patterns
    • Egress from building (for fire codes)
    • Local ordinances
    • Seismic zone
  • Other design considerations:
    • Capacity needed
    • Number and placement of stairways or access ladders
    • Underclearance needed
    • Where is handrail needed
    • What type of handrail is desired or required by local OSHA or building codes
    • Flooring type
    • Paint color

Custom Industrial Mezzanine Systems

In order to obtain this required information to build the mezzanine system that fits your individual requirements, Mezzanines By Design will discuss these questions with you, explain why and when certain design aspects are required, and discuss the pros and cons of various options. We will then provide a detailed proposal and a 3D rendering. We can then engage in a dialog and make modifications until you have the system you want and need.

Once the design is finalized, we will make a site visit if necessary and then provide approval drawings so that you will see exactly what you are getting and have a final chance to make changes.

AISC Certified Mezzanine Fabrication

Mezzanines By Design will the fabricate your industrial mezzanine in our AISC certified fabrication facility, powder coat the structure, and ship your Industrial Mezzanine System to your business. We can provide installation by one of our expert installation crews or provide detailed installation drawings so that you can install the structure.

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