Shelving Supported Mezzanine Systems are elevated platforms that makes use of vertical space in your warehouse with shelving below and additional storage overhead. By building up, rather than out, the industrial shelving system make use of used space. There are several basic components of a industrial mezzanine shelfing system:

Industrial Shelving Components

  • Vertical Support Columns which support the horizontal shelving platform. The columns are structural square tube posts with a footplate which is anchored to the slab and connecting plates where the horizontal beams are bolted. The column size and size of the footplate are dependent on the capacity of the mezzanine system, the thickness of the slab, the number of columns, and the seismic zone where the mezzanine is installed. With options for different storage system, aditional shelving can be installed below the Mezzanine, acting as support for the system.
  • Horizontal Support Beams are bolted to the support columns to create a framework to support the mezzanine flooring. These support beams are usually I-Beams with pre-drilled holes or connecting plates which allow the beams to be bolted to the vertical supports. The size and number of the I-Beams are determined by the mezzanine capacity, the number of support columns, and other design factors.
  • Mezzanine Flooring is fastened to the horizontal support beams and is constructed of bar grating, plywood over corrugated decking, or diamond tread plate.
  • Stairways are used to access the top of the mezzanine. The number of stairways depends on the size of the mezzanine and customer preference. The type and design of stairways depends on the room available, type of mezzanine, and customer preference. Stairways can be straight, L-shaped, or U-shaped. All stairways are designed to the appropriate OSHA and IBC codes for the locale where the mezzanine is installed.
  • Handrail is installed around the open perimeter of the mezzanine. Generally the handrail is 42” high with a mid-rail and 4” kick plate. However, there are circumstances that require smaller openings and will be designed accordingly.
  • Gates are used in order to load pallets of material on top of the mezzanine. There are several types of gates; hinged, sliding, and safety.

Custom Mezzanine Shelving

Mezzanines By Design has the engineering expertise to combine these basic components into the mezzanine that the most efficient and cost effective solution to your specific requirement.