Structural Mezzanines by Mezzanines By Design are made of structural steel components, all nut and bolt construction and are designed to be free standing.  Anchoring of the foot plates to the slab is the only portion of the structural mezzanine that is attached to anything.


The nut and bolt construction allows greater flexibility to move the structure to another area of your warehouse or if you move, the mezzanine can be dis-assembled and re-assembled at a new location.   Our structural mezzanines are easy to add onto if expansion is needed.    If customized structures are required, our engineering department will work with you to design the mezzanine to your exact specifications.  Mezzanines By Design is an AISC certified fabricator that is dedicated providing customers an economical product in a reasonable amount of time without sacrificing quality.  Mezzanines By Design has 100% control of its product.  We have the capability to meet critical lead times and “rush projects” without relying on outside sources.  Our structural mezzanines can be powder coated, hot dipped galvanized or a wet paint application per your spec.  In addition to structural mezzanines, Mezzanines By Design fabricates custom steel products for all types of industries and applications.  We take your idea and transform it into reality.  We can offer full “turn-key” solutions for all of your structural steel requirements.  Mezzanines By Design has the experience to take your idea and provide an end product that you will be 100% satisfied with.   Our company focuses on the needs of the customer through thoughtful process.  We provide outstanding customer service that will leave a lasting impression and result in a partnership of continued business.  Please call us at 800-881-6750 to speak with our sales department or e-mail