Inplant offices are a great solution to increase space and save money verses conventional construction. Used on their own or in conjunction with a mezzanine system in-plant buildingscan be used for all types of applications.

  • Multi-Level Office Space
  • Supervisory Offices
  • Equipment Enclosures
  • Lunchrooms
  • Paintbooths
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Sound Control Barriers
  • Shipping Offices
  • Parts Storage
  • Computer Rooms
  • Security Booths
  • Clean Rooms

Inplant offices can be located on the floor level or on top of a structural steel mezzanine. Mezzanines By Design can design & engineer single and double story buildings as well as provide installation services. Please contact us for a quotation or consultation to see if Inplant offices are the right choice for you.

View or Download In-Plant Office Brochure